Scientific Software

"Mission: Science compels us to explode the sun!." - Pye, Outer Wilds

Software is a key piece of the scientific infrastructure. By open sourcing software it may be a tool for the community. The software here is a mix of codes that I've used and developed. Also see my GitHub

  • Phoebus: performance portable GRRMHD

    Phoebus is a general relativistic neutrino radiation magnetohydrodynamics code build on the adaptive mesh refinment library Parthenon. It supports a general equation of state, several radiation transport algorithms, and analytic and prescribed metrics.

  • Parthenon: performance portable block based adaptive mesh refinement

    Parthenon is a block structured adaptive mesh refinement library. It is built on Kokkos, the hardware agnostic library for on node parallelism to provide performance portable, distributed, adaptive mesh refinement for downstream applications.

  • Singularity-eos: a performance portable equation of state library

    Singularity-eos is a performance portable equation of state library. It leverages for on-node parallelism on heterogeneous architectures. At present, singularity-eos supports over ten equations of state for both terrestrial and astrophysical applications.

  • Thornado: discontinuous Galerkin methods for supernovae

    Thornado is a neutrino radiation hydrodynamics code build on high order discontinuous Galerkin methods. It leverages the apaptive mesh refinement library AMReX and supports a general equation of state.

  • Sistrum: a hydro code verification suite

    Sistrum is a hydro code verification suite that I am expanding as I need. It includes, specifically, self similar solutions for Sedov-Taylor blast waves of all familes.

  • mplcolors: a command line and python package tool for color exploration

    mplcolors is a command line and Python 3.x package tool for color exploration. It supports displaying matplotlib colors and colorbars, as well as color complements, triads, and tetrads, in the command line. The same utilities are available as an importable package.